Queen's Redoubt Trust, Pokeno

Activity and Work Programme







Continue programme of earthwork stabilisation working bees; finish west wall, start on east wall

Earthworks stabilization underway but no new earthworks done

Support the Friends of QR group and work to increase membership

Membership at Dec 2017 - 29


Reprint QR brochure for general distribution

Brochure reprinted October 2016

Produce newsletter every 6 months

6 monthly issues from June 2013

Update website every 6 months

Last update January 2018

General property maintenance

Lawn areas and tops of parapets mowed every month by contract

Paint Visitor Centre; install disabled toilet, carpet / vinyl to be laid July 2015 followed by fit out for storage, cataloguing and work area.

Painting complete, library and office set up, toilet installation complete

Prepare design / contents for displays, cost these and seek funding for doing the work.

Funding for remaining displays obtained and work contracted. Completion target Dec 2018

  Installation of computer system in study area and connection to internet when appropriate.  Computer installed. Internet connection deferred until need for assessed.
  Begin research for the visitor centre displays and writing of Queen’s Redoubt history Underway at January 2018

Opening of Visitor Centre when at least some displays erected and library / study area in place. Probably late 2015 or early 2016

Probable opening date now end of 2018
2016 - 20 General property maintenance  
  Complete all accessible earthwork restoration  
  Write and publish history(s) of Queen’s Redoubt and publish other items; eg Diary of 40th Regt Corporal Transcription of Corporal's diary almost complete at January 2018
  Preparation of plaque to commemorate opening of building.  

Queen's Redoubt