Queen's Redoubt Trust, Pokeno

Land Description

The property consists of 1.7778 ha (ca 4.4 acres) and includes the greater part of the Queen’s Redoubt site, which lay between the Great South Road, at the south end of the township of Pokeno, an unformed legal road and the motorway (State Highway 1). The property includes Part of Lot 14 (DP 13817), and Lots 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 (DP 21310). The portion of the redoubt not included in the property is the rear of houses along the east side of Selby Street.


The property described above is owned freehold by the Queen’s Redoubt Trust. In addition the Trust has, from 21st May 2012, held a licence to occupy from the Waikato District Council, the paper road on the south side of the redoubt. The area of this is 0.403 ha. (more or less). It is held in perpetuity, although that WDC has the right to terminate the licence with one month’s notice should it require to use the land for any purpose.


The property is under grass, and largely level but for a slight dip to the Great South Road on the west side. There is a house on Lot 14 DP 13817.

The Archaeological Site

The Queen’s Redoubt site is recorded in the New Zealand Archaeological Association site record scheme as site number S12/23 (formerly N46–47/188), located at 37º 14.80 S, 175º 1.53 E.


The Queen’s Redoubt property was purchased by the Queen’s Redoubt Trust on 28 March 2001, after almost five years of fund raising and negotiations. The Queen’s Redoubt Trust was formed in February 1999 with the aim of raising the money required to purchase the site of Queen’s Redoubt and develop the site as a visitor attraction. In June 1999 the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board gave the Trust its first $100,000 towards a purchase price of $310,000.  Discussions with the ASB Bank Community Trust and the Lottery Grants Board obtained further grants to cover the shortfall.

Queen's Redoubt